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The best of intentions can quickly turn sour if you want to shed excess pounds and decide to do so without the aid of a reputable dietary supplement such as Phen375. This is because losing weight is a long term process and good intentions may not be enough when reduced food intake starts to weaken your self-control.

Furthermore, it’s logical to get the most out of the effort you put in. By itself, the human body resists weight loss and responds by raising its efficiency level and burning fewer calories which makes results harder to come by moving forward. Conscious of the dedication you will need, especially when including exercise, you’ll want to lose as much as you can in the most efficient manner.

In modern societies where personal appearance has a high priority, looking good is an ongoing concern. Obviously, shedding excess pounds does more than impact your appearance since numerous health issues are directly linked to obesity. Regardless of what your motivations are to slim down, doing so will be much easier if you can depend on a powerful and proven dietary supplements to help you through the tough times.

By helping you shed an average of 3 – 5 pounds per week, it’s fair to say Phen375 meets the objective of producing results that are comparable to the popular Phentermine drug. Since being introduced in 2009, it has gained the trust of a growing customer base for being effective and safe, contrary to the majority of competing products that are questionable and stay around only long enough to make a profit before disappearing.

Some boast about the magnitude and speed of results they offer but do so with high levels of stimulants that are associated with various health issues. Though we can agree that reaching a healthy weight is admirable, resorting to potentially harmful products to achieve that objective is discouraged when safer choices like Phen375 can be used instead.

The pill you need isn’t just one that helps you burn fat more quickly but also one that will help you control the inevitable cravings that arise while dieting. In the end, it’s pointless to burn more calories only to then eat more. Unfortunately the majority of diet aids don’t offer both benefits and force you to choose one or the other. The good news is that Phen375 is a rare exception since it’s one of the few diet products that focuses on both burning fat and suppressing your appetite.

Couple weight scale

Not every fat burner works the same way and the problem with many is that they don’t just burn unwanted fat but also some of your hard-earned muscle. Phen375 doesn’t just speed up your metabolic rate that turns you into a fat burning machine, but at the same time it promotes muscle gains so you can maintain what you already have.

Also, it predisposes your body to use up its fat reserves for energy instead of carbs. In the end you burn more fat calories and lower your carb cravings since you rely on less of those for energy. Having higher levels of carbs in your system means you’ll feel more energetic since low levels are commonly associated with feelings of fatigue.

Phen375 vs. Phentermine

The Phentermine diet pill is a highly effective weight reduction drug and the reason why it has such a fervent following. If you exclude Garcinia Cambogia which is a natural weight loss supplement, it has the highest search volume on Google relative to other diet products that are also classified as drugs. The bad news for those who want it is that it’s a controlled substance. This means you can only purchase it legally if it’s prescribed by a doctor first. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since it contains stimulants that are as potent as what you’d find in amphetamines with similar side-effects. The most commonly reported ones are dizziness, hyper-activity, sleep disorders, headaches and gastric problems to mention just a few.

Phentermine chart

There’s no doubt that Phentermine is effective, but the serious side effects it comes and the restrictions on its availability make it a choice that’s far from ideal. This explains why many diet pill makers have made it their mission to develop new products that could offer the same benefits as Phentermine while being safer to use and available over the counter. The goal of creating a diet pill that meets these objectives has produced some that actually work quite well. That may be the case, but as of now Phen375 has surpassed all others and is the one that most closely emulates the positive benefits offered by Phentermine.

Comparing data from real users for both products gives a better idea of how well they perform relative to each other. To begin this comparison you can first go to Phentermine’s official site and read some of the user testimonials found on the homepage. From the 8 bios highlighted in the image slider, a woman named Susan achieved the best rate of weight reduction and lost about 3.04 lbs a week on average. Following her was Amy who lost an average of 2.3 lbs a week while Darla followed closely at 2.05 lbs. The remaining users all lost under 2 lbs per week while the group average, combining everyone, was 1.87 lbs. Truth is that a 2 lb per week weight loss average is excellent over the long run.

Phen375 bottles and tape

To make the comparison, browse all the way to the end of the page that displays testimonials on the official Phen375 website. Below the Testimonial Disclaimer subheading it says you can expect to lose 5 – 10 lbs a month which translates to 1.25 – 2.5 lbs every week. if you go through each testimony and tally the amount of weight lost during a particular time frame, a simple math calculation produces an average of over 2 pounds which is even better than the 1.87 lbs average obtained from the Phentermine site. Obviously results may vary depending on someone’s activity level and their genetics though that’s the case with any diet product.

By comparing them in this way it isn’t hard to conclude that Phen375 is the clear cut winner. Besides showing that it performs at least as well as Phentermine, you get the added benefit of knowing it won’t be risking your health in the process. Making the decision even easier is the fact Phen375 costs less and can be obtained more easily since no prescription is required and it’s conveniently shipped to your door. Because they are the best way to convey the potential of this product while inspiring you at the same time, below is a small sample of the many pics sent in by actual users showing their results.


The Phen375 formulation was developed with the intent of meeting a strong consumer demand for a diet product that would deliver the positive aspects of Phentermine while eliminating the bad ones. To meet this challenge they rely on 4 important ingredients that have received FDA approval:

  • L-Carnitine: has a similar impact as HCG by delivering fats throughout your body before they are metabolized. By helping to release fat stores it facilitates processing by the body. This leads to a greater proportion of fat being used for energy which preserves muscle as you diet.
  • Sympathomimetic Amine: assists in reducing body fat by accelerating your metabolism. By super-charging your metabolic rate you end up burning calories throughout the day.
  • 1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine: as a derivative of caffeine, it tricks your brain into believing your hunger has been satisfied. This reduces hunger pangs and leads to lower food consumption.
  • Capsaicin: when available in high concentrations it assists in carrying other crucial ingredients throughout the body. By firing up your internal furnace it promotes the burning up of an additional 270 calories per day.

Every ingredient has a specific purpose for promoting fat loss individually though they are meant to compliment each other in a way that makes them more effective when combined. This approach is what makes it one of the most powerful products of its kind. Knowing that it’s completely safe and void of important side effects, even when used for extended periods, means users have one less thing to worry about.

Phen375 gets recognition for being an effective fat burner and appetite suppressor, but the ability to meet those objectives while avoiding side-effects is equally crucial. One of the rare reactions users have mentioned is a warmer sensation that is common when your metabolism is high and burning off fat at a quicker pace. It’s totally normal and only reflects an accelerated metabolic rate that is working harder to eliminate unwanted pounds.


“When I lost 17 lbs in just one month I decided to continue taking it. Now, after 6 months, I’ve lost a total of 56 lbs and haven’t felt better in years!”   Julie, UK

“In less than a month I’ve gone from 153 lbs to 138 lbs without exercising or relying on any diet. I’m so impressed by the results I’ll continue using it until I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 124. Thanks Phen375 for helping me get my old body back!”             Christine, Canada

“I used to tip the scales at 198 lbs when I began but now down to 153, a full 45 lbs loss. I’ve gone down 8 dress sizes and couldn’t be happier with the results.”   Danielle, USA

“By taking Phen375 while eating healthier and working out, I’ve been able to go from 20 stone down to my current weight of 13.5 stone. This product may be a little expensive but it worked so well that in my opinion it was well worth it.”   Elaine, Australia

“Since I started using these diet pills I’ve lost 28 lbs with only 10 more to go to reach my goal. I think you guys have created an incredible product that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get thinner.”   Ingrid, Germany


My Friend Linda’s Personal Experience

Hi! I’m Linda and I wrote a review about Phen375 for which I received NO compensation. I simply wanted to honestly share the results I got from using this product. Hopefully this review will help you make a better decision. I was having difficulty getting rid of extra pounds. I had persistent food cravings and felt run down. By chance I discovered Phen375 and thought it might work for me. I began using it while also doing 20 minutes of exercise every day. Within only 3 months I had reduced my weight by a full 43 lbs. Here are my results using Phen375.

How I Lost 43 lbs In Only 3 Months With Phen375

I felt light-headed and had the shakes. It seemed as if the room was whirling around. Are you feeling OK Linda? You really don’t look good.” I heard one of my work colleagues say. I had no energy and my cravings were so intense I couldn’t focus. I decided to leave work early and went on a binge that had me eating everything in sight. I couldn’t stop eating like I was possessed. When I was done the guilt set in. The previous week, sticking to my diet plan had helped me lose close to 6 lbs. Now I had just ruined my efforts and gained it all back.

My results

Without fail every diet I try lowers my energy and makes me constantly hungry. I’d like to exercise more frequently but how can I with so little energy? I’ve tried to lose the extra weight for a long time. I tried several popular programs but they never seemed to work in the long run. Some of the weight would come off but in the end I would gain it all back. I hoped to gain more self-confidence and start wearing nicer clothes. I hated constantly feeling under the weather and generally lacking in energy. I wanted to find a solution before getting too old.

More than once I thought about quitting until I saw a Facebook post in which someone claimed that a diet pill, Phen375, had helped them lose lots of weight. It piqued my curiosity but then it wouldn’t have been the first time that a product that sounded promising let me down. However, I was getting a little desperate. The Phen375 site said it could help control my food cravings and burn fat while keeping my energy level high. Sounded just like what I was looking for. Still, I was careful and purchased only 1 bottle. It took only a few days for me to receive it.

Tape measure around 2 bottles

Impatient by nature and curious to try it, I opened the package right away and had a pill right before leaving for work. I had been driving for less than 10 minutes when suddenly I began feeling more focused and energized. I felt so good my fingers began drumming the steering wheel and for a moment I had the fleeting urge to just step out and run to my destination. Hours went by without feeling hungry which is unusual for me. Then when lunch arrived I had trouble eating all my food. Once back home during the evening I felt great and pleased to have found a diet pill, like Phen375, that actually worked.

That motivated me to continue taking Phen375 daily and my body always reacted the same way every time I did. I’d feel more energized and go hours without feeling hungry. It felt great to always be full of energy so I decided to get on an exercise regimen. Remembering that I still had a treadmill my Mom had bought and stopped using, I took it out and began running 15 minutes every day. Just taking Phen375 provided the extra energy that made me want to be more active. And since my appetite diminished considerably, I was able to cut my snacking by around 90%. I made an effort to also eat healthier foods.

Instead of having pasta and other high carb meals I know include more fish and vegetables for dinner. I’ve also reduced the number of alcoholic drinks I consume. I now limit my intake to just one glass of wine or a beer to help me wind down after work. In just a month of using Phen375 I was able to lose 21 lbs. I thought the scale was wrong when it showed me how much I weighed. Of course the best indicator of all is always the mirror. I looked more healthy, felt happier, and as a result gained a more positive outlook on life in general. Many people I know began complimenting my appearance and asked how I managed to lose weight so quickly.

The results were so encouraging I wanted to keep it up and purchased 2 additional bottles. As my weight came down and I gained more stamina, I gradually began increasing the speed on the treadmill and things just took off from there. Now that I’ve gone through 3 bottles, I’m 43 lbs lighter and feel great. I now feel like a completely different person. No longer as self-conscious about my weight, I now wear sexier clothes and find it easier to socialize. The key is to do some exercise on a daily basis. Simply running in place is better than nothing. I decided to try a workout I’d read about recently and got great results.

My Results Using Phen375

Let’s go over the results I got from taking Phen375. As I mentioned earlier, it took me just 3 months to lose 43 lbs. That averages out to about 15 lbs a month. My regimen was simple and only required me to take my Phen375 pills and exercise daily while reducing snacks by 90% and avoiding junk foods. It just motivated me to begin eating better.

The most noticeable benefits I’ve noticed since getting slimmer are…

  • People treat me with more respect
  • I feel overheated and stuffy less often than before
  • People compliment me more often
  • I’m now confident enough to wear sexy clothes
  • I can have fun in public without feeling as self-conscious
  • My level of energy is higher and I’m more productive
  • Waking up and feeling rested happens more often
  • I no longer feel run down and lethargic. When I was overweight I’d often feel as if I was in a daze
  • Being more productive at work, I’m now being considered for a promotion
  • My skin tone has improved while my hair is shinier
  • I’ve stopped being camera shy like I used to be. In the past I would find any excuse to not let anyone take a picture of me
  • My level of confidence is now sky high
  • I’m generally happier and more at peace with myself
  • Men are noticing me more than they used to
  • I have a more youthful appearance and attitude

In short, life is just better since losing the extra pounds. Overall, taking Phen375 has improved my life in many ways so I’m glad I gave it a try. Simply remember to exercise a little daily and avoid junk food as much as possible. That should be easier than before since Phen375 will provide the extra energy you need to exercise while suppressing your cravings so you won’t always feel hungry.

Other Phen375 User Results

It’s always inspiring for me to read other people’s success stories. What I decided to do was look at other people’s reviews of Phen375 and post some of their results and pictures.

How Do Phen375 Diet Pills Work?

Phen375 burns fat, suppresses food cravings, and boosts energy levels. It’s completely safe and shouldn’t be mistaken for Phentermine which requires a doctor’s prescription. It’s offered as a pill and its purpose is to delay hunger, raise your energy level, and boosts your metabolism so you lose weight faster by burning more fat. That being said, it doesn’t produce miracles either. Taking it by itself will definitely help you shed some pounds but from experience I can tell you that adding some exercise to your regimen will produce the better results. As an appetite suppressor, it also makes it easier to avoid snacking on unhealthy foods.


I decided to find out for myself what the major ingredients do and below is a summary of what I found.

  • L-Carnitine – it promotes the use of fat for energy by releasing more into your circulatory system.
  • Citrus Aurantium – a fruit derived stimulant that assists in burning fat more rapidly by accelerating your metabolic rate.
  • Trimethylxanthine – an ingredient that acts in a way that fools the brain into thinking you’re full. This appetite suppressor keeps food cravings under control so you end up consuming fewer calories.
  • Capsaicin – it actually has 2 specific purposes. To start, it enhances blood circulation to assist in transporting other Phen375 ingredients through your system and, secondly, by raising your body’s temperature it helps to burn off even more calories. This ingredient is said to burn off an extra 270 calories beyond what you normally would.

When all Phen375 ingredients are combined they work to:

  1. Help control cravings to lower food intake
  2. Release fat stores and use them for energy
  3. Raise energy levels
  4. Speed up your metabolism so you burn 10 to 20% more calories and accelerate weight loss

When looking at all of its attributes, Phen375 seems to be the ideal diet pill to help someone lose weight quickly. The question is, does it really work? While reading other people’s opinions I noticed many simply copied and pasted what appears on the official Phen375 site.

Keeping the Pounds Off

Keeping the weight off after you’ve lost it is an important subject but one which Phen375 does not address. The problem is that many people are successful at losing the weight but end up gaining it back later. I discovered a nifty strategy that is very helpful to maintain your desired weight. I have yet to gain any weight back since using this simple trick. Essentially, the technique I use is known as intermittent fasting. Basically, it requires you to not eat for a full 24 hours, once every week. To start, I make certain to have enough Phen375 on hand. Since I will only be having it just once every week, a bottle should last at least 6 months. Anyhow, I go about it this way…

I’ll have a late dinner on Saturday evening at about 8 pm.I avoid eating anything else during the evening and before going to bed.Upon waking up I’ll take a regular dose of Phen375. From that point on I make certain not to eat anything until it’s dinner Sunday evening, once again around 8. You’re basically going a full 24 hours without any calories but by taking Phen375 it isn’t that hard. It’s just a simple way to insure that you won’t gain back those pounds you worked so hard to lose. Don’t forget to try this fasting strategy after reaching your desired weight loss objective. No need to overdo it, once every week is enough.

Now I’d like to discuss the Pros

Extra energy – When I started taking these diet pills I quickly noticed an improved ability to focus and a higher level of energy. That energy is sustained over 2 to 3 hours before slowly fading. As for the extra energy, it kicks in about 15 minutes after taking them and really helps me be more productive. When I get that surge of energy it feels like I’m up for any challenge, even running a marathon. That is especially beneficial when you include exercise in your regimen. In the past, my lack of energy made it difficult to muster up the motivation to work out. I also noticed that I now get more done when I’m at work instead of slowly fading in the late afternoon.

Going hours without cravings – As was already mentioned, one of the major attributes of Phen375 is its ability to suppress your appetite. I used to think there was nothing I could do or take that would prevent me from always feeling hungry. Well, now I know there is. My first time taking these pills was early while having breakfast before leaving for work. It wasn’t more than 10 minutes after getting into my car that I began feeling alert with a sudden surge of energy.

I’m not one to skip lunch and even have snack in my cubicle an hour or two before. On that day I didn’t just forget to have my usual snack, but when lunch time came around I was shocked to find I didn’t even have much of an appetite. It was rare for me not to have constant thoughts about food. Prior to taking Phen375 to curb my appetite, continually snacking and overeating were the major reasons why I had gained so much weight.

Dietary plans and training videos – I’m embarrassed to admit that the only exercise I got in the past was walking from the sofa to the fridge while my dietary plan consisted in eating anything that tasted good. Though my initial plan was to rely only on Phen375 pills to lose weight, I quickly realized that I also needed to change my eating habits if I wanted to become healthier. A slew of dietary plans and nutritional tips can be found online but I’ve have found that the ones made available when you purchase Phen375 are especially good. Overall the recipes I tried were very tasty and I felt much better afterwards compared to when I have a junk food meal.

Even though it isn’t a requirement, the makers of Phen375 do recommend including some exercise. As I mentioned earlier, I used to feel too run down to exercise but the extra energy Phen375 provides was the spark I needed to get up and become more physically active. The exercise videos are also well made and very helpful. However in my case, out of convenience, I normally stuck to the treadmill. Sometimes I’ll browse Youtube and do some of the better workouts I find there. Doing a search for the term “interval training” on that platform will usually return many quick and effective workouts.

Nothing else is required – A nice of benefit of using Phen375 is that it will help you lose weight on its own. Many other weight reduction programs require the purchase of additional supplements and various types of equipment. Phen375 can help you on its own without requiring anything else. Simply taken by itself, it will be effective at curbing your appetite while providing the energy boost that will motivate you to exercise regularly. Taking these pills will keep you so energized you’ll want to exercise just to release that extra energy. I usually like to hit the treadmill but there are many ways to get your exercise so try finding something you enjoy. If you don’t feel like leaving your home, 20 minutes of jumping jacks is a good idea.

What I do like about this diet pill is that doesn’t entirely consume your life. Other popular programs like P90X have such detailed and time consuming schedules that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. I find that simplicity of use is one of the most appealing aspects of using Phen375. It comes in pill form and you only need to remember taking it every day to lose pounds. It DEFINITELY WORKS! Above anything else, the fact I can trust it to work is what I like best. More than once in the past I’ve tried other pills and programs that failed to deliver results. I’m glad I didn’t give up before trying Phen375 because the boost in energy I got from taking it told me it would work. Finally, I was able to lose weight!

I’d like to begin talking about the Cons

Can impede your ability to fall asleep if taken too late in the day – It is recommended that users take 1 pill in the morning and another at lunch. Once I had forgotten to take my pill at lunch and so took it after dinner…which kept me from falling asleep until 1 am. It was my mistake but it’s good to know. Now that you also know, just don’t take it late if you want to avoid that problem.

The cost: it isn’t inexpensive I began using a bottle that lasts up to 30 days. Since it costs $70 a bottle, that averages out to about $2.33 a day. After realizing how effective it was while still wanting to save money, I took advantage of their “Buy 3 – Get 1 Free” promotion the next time I ordered. So yes, Phen375 is on the expensive side, but then quality usually does cost more.

Phen375 FAQ

Here I’ll try my best to answer some questions that are frequently asked about Phen375.

Will I also get results if I take it? Well, I convinced my mom and dad to try Phen375 and both of them raved about having more energy with mom even skipping lunch the first day. My brother also tried it and his experience was very similar. Thus far, everyone I know who has taken Phen375 reported feeling more energetic and experienced fewer cravings. Considering how consistent the feedback from others has been, it would be fair to assume it will work just as well for you. Just don’t forget to include some exercise!

What is Phen375? Read what follows to find out more about this diet product. It’s a diet pill that you take every day. It provides more energy, reduces your food cravings, and promotes quicker weight loss.

Can you take it when you’re pregnant? I would hold back just to be on the safe side. That said, it will be helpful after you’ve had the baby if you wish to lose a few pounds!

Is it also effective for guys? I’m very confident that it is. I really don’t think your gender matters at all. Hormonal differences in men and women may influence the rate of weight loss, but in the end both can benefit.

Can it help me even I’m extremely overweight? Of course it it will take more time, but it will help you lose your unwanted pounds faster.

I would prefer not having to exercise. Will Phen375 still help me lose weight? Though adding exercise is a better and will help you speed up results, Phen375 was created to work well by itself without exercise. Due to the combination of being a fat burner and appetite suppressor, you will still end up burning 270 more calories every day while finding it easier to avoid snacking and eating too much. So you can definitely reduce your weight without exercise but it’ll just take a bit more time.

What amount of weight can Phen375 help me lose? That’s a common question. From personal experience I lost 43 pounds within a 3 month span or about 15 pounds a month. Over that period I lost weight in a consistent manner that averaged out to 15 to 20 pounds every month. Eating healthier and exercising at least 20 minutes daily is the key. That being said, if you’re willing to invest more time exercising while lowering your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 calories daily, then I really think it’s possible to get even better results. My approach was slower but consistent.

After losing the extra pounds and reaching my ideal weight, do I just stop? Truth is you probably don’t want to take Phen375 forever. Luckily, I discovered a fantastic way to keep the weight from coming back. About 5 weeks ago I stopped using Phen375 and was able to maintain my ideal weight by relying on a strategy that I’ll share with you a little farther down.

Is Phen375 a product worth purchasing? If you already have the right mindset and want to get the most out of your efforts then you definitely should. It’s worked extremely well for me, helped me reach my goals, but it won’t perform miracles either. It’s likely just taking it will help you lose weight since you’ll want to eat less. But in the end you need to look at it like it’s a tool, nothing more.

  • It will make it easier for you to avoid snacks and control your food intake.
  • If you decide to exercise, it will provide the extra energy to make it easier.
  • If you exploit every benefit it offers, you can get incredible results.
  • It even comes with a variety of dietary plans and training videos. Everything is included to help you reach your weight loss goals.

I sincerely believe that if you try Phen375 you’ll be amazed at how effective it is. I’m very confident that by taking it every day and exercising regularly your weight loss efforts will be much more successful. If there’s another question you would like answered or simply want to share your own experience, just leave it in the comments section below.


Be aware that Phen375 can only be obtained through the manufacturer’s official site and not available at retail locations. The company website also provides additional information while also offering discount prices for larger purchases. Keep in mind that all Phen375 purchases are covered by a no questions asked 180 day refund policy which makes trying them virtually risk-free.

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